Roses- Who does not love roses? It is a flower of love. Its beauty and fragrance has that magical power to lift a soul. Yet the wilt and fall of petals as part of nature’s vicious lifecycle is heart-breaking to witness. But, it doesn’t have to be anymore because Infinity Petals brings you- an éternal rose. Now do not watch the fall of petals with sadness; rather, witness your favourite roses bloom all year around with no tedious maintenance.

We proudly bring you a luxury floral boutique dedicated to long-lasting Roses. Our infinity roses are real, 100% natural roses which are preserved naturally to last a year or more. Moreover they require no water to stay fresh for 365 days, providing you with the opportunity to indulge their timeless elegance day and night.

Out of the desire to give a lasting keepsake, our roses undergo a natural delicate preservation process to preserve the beauty and integrity of each petal. This is achieved by selecting the finest quality roses from around the globe and cutting them at the peak of their bloom, followed by dehydration. After dehydration, roses are treated with non-toxic and non-allergenic proprietary solution to allow them to last. During the preservation course, texture and freshness of our roses is maintained so they look and feel just like the fresh flowers, but just last longer.

Infinity Petals make a perfect gift for every occasion and celebration. Be it treating yourself, your loved one’s birthday, anniversary, wedding, shower, graduation, or just brightening someone’s day; our wide range of stunning rose colours showcased in stylish Parisian hat boxes are sure to bring smile on every face. Each arrangement is thoughtfully handcrafted by our very own florist using only the best quality roses to bring you an unforgettable lasting impression.

Our luxurious rose arrangements can also be a perfect decorative piece in your home or office. You cannot go wrong with roses when thinking of adding a splash of colour and lasting cheer to your surroundings. Take a break from your fast-paced life and start your day in a positive mood as the roses bring out that beautiful smile and makes us happier than we know. Think of them as visual therapy, so don’t wait for that special occasion and treat yourself, or give that lasting “happy” to your loved ones.