Infinity Petals bloomed from my love and admiration for flowers, especially roses. I have always loved and collected roses, they trigger a sense of excitement and positive energy in me whether I buy, receive or simply admire them from a distance. But constant requirement of getting a fresh bouquet and having to throw wilted roses made me unhappy and there I was looking for a solution. How wonderful would it be if I could just keep my roses alive forever? Well Infinity Petals now gives you long-lasting roses which you can keep alive and fresh all four seasons without the hassle of constant replacement and time-consuming maintenance. I get immense satisfaction and feel rewarded to provide products and services which bring happiness to others. It is well documented that flowers have an extraordinary power to lift our mood significantly, promote positive social behaviour and enhance emotional health. There is clearly something magical about giving and receiving roses, so connect with and feel closer to people around you by giving the gift that keeps on giving.